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Becky is born a helper. She is gifted at teaching people and empowering others to make real and tangible changes. Becky does not preach, instead, people seek her out because they see how it works for her life. She is the one people to go to for general natural health and wellness concerns, fitness and exercise questions and plans, diet and nutrition advice and suggestions, career advice, reviewing/writing resumes, relationship advice, and just the one to listen and bounce ideas off of.


Becky found these informal coaching relationships with her friends, family, co-workers, and students to be more rewarding than training for big business and thus decided to change Galiji to focus on individuals. 


Becky loves life and tries to live every day to its fullest. Becky enjoys living the big and little adventures that life offers… be that little adventures like getting stuck rollerblading in the rain to big adventures like skydiving to exploring caves and ruins.

  • Spiritually, she practices yoga, breath work (pranayama) and mantra meditation to help connect her mind and body.
  • Physically, her regular personal fitness routine includes weight training and cardio exercises that she loves like running, rollerblading, biking, and kayaking.
  • Nutritionally, she is a vegetarian and tries to eat food that is whole, natural, and unprocessed.
  • Medicinally, she believes that holistic natural medicine with proper fitness, massage/body work, and nutrition are the best path for her.


As a coach and trainer, Becky practices from her heart and teaches what she knows. She firmly believes that change comes from within and that people have to be ready and truly accepting of the change for it “to stick”. She believes that everyone has the potential to change their life and to be truly at peace and content. Becky gets personal gratification from helping people to see what they already have inside of them to make their lives better.

In big business training, Becky consulted with her clients on Learning, Change Management, and Communications solutions to technological problems or technology implementations. Her portfolio includes work with prestigious companies including: Accenture, International Paper, Dell Computers, US Bank, Sony Electronics, Nortel Networks, and Caterpillar just to name a few.

In addition to her corporate consulting work, she has also held positions at University of South Florida working with consultants and doctors to utilize electronic health records, Minnesota State University, Mankato working with leadership development and event planning and Pasco-Hernando Community College as an academic advisor.

From her early days of being part of the Peer Helper program in Elementary school to corporate training to a degree in helping people, Becky has spent her entire life helping others in some fashion and is ready to help you! 

Practicing what she teaches....

Becky's first 1/2 marathon at Daytona Speedway - Achieving her goals - no matter how big or small!

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