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Galiji is proud to offer Career Coaching for clients. Career Coaching is appropriate for individuals fresh from their education all the way to executives looking for their next move.  Career Coaching is a blend of coaching and training. It helps you to grow your skills through training on job searches, interviewing, negotiations, etc.  It also helps you stay motivated to achieve your career goals through goal setting, accountability, and a partner on your career journey to help you along.  Galiji offers assistance in:


Career Development

Identifying and utilizing your values, strengths, interests, education, knowledge, skills, and abilities to create assist in career exploration or job search efforts.


We will assist you to identify, research, and explore education and career options that fit your needs and align with who you are.  Create a plan for transition: from high school to college, from college to the marketplace, from unemployed to employed, or from a job to a career!


Marketing Yourself

We will assist you to develop tools needed for job search.  These include resumes, CVs, cover letters, reference sheets, portfolios, social media marketing (LinkedIn) and more. Resume and cover letter writing services available.



Familiar with performance based interviewing?  We will assist you to be confident, concise, and land the job that selected you for an interview.  We offer phone, virtual, and in-person interview tips, practice, and assistance.  We will support you along the way with encouragement and examples of best practices to be applied your interview. 


Job Search

We will help you to obtain a career you want, but first you need to know where to find it.  After creating an action plan to move you towards meaningful work, we will assist you in finding the opportunities that most align with your ideal career. 



After getting an offer letter, how do you negotiate the best position for yourself before you accept the offer?  We will assist you to maximize the benefits you have available to you.  People often negotiate for more money but do forget to negotiate for things such as vacation time, personal days, retirement matching, etc.  Many are concerned with just getting the offer that we give away benefits of the job that they regret a year into their job.  Learn your practical value to an organization and develop the skills to negotiate for your needs.


Career Transition

When wanting to stay within the same organization but switch position, move up, obtain an adjusted work schedule, or perhaps a salary increase, we often do not know where to start.  Coaching Do you want to move to a new job within your organization? Perhaps you want to change your current work situation hours or obtain a salary increase? Coaching is focused on your specific needs and ways to set goals and achieve outcomes.


Computer Skills

Need a little help being efficent with spreadsheets, presentations, or other workplace computer skills.  We will help you to enhance your skills with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio, MS Project, or other tools need to thrive in the worplace.


Performance at Work

We will help you to set and achieve goals around workplace issues including project management, conflict resolution, communication, organization and productivity, and performance management. 


Leaders and Executives

How are your strengths a liability? How can you turn your strenghts and those of your managers into assets?  Where are you “blind spots”?  Identify ways to improve organization performance, provide positive top down influence, give and receive feedback positively, and create stragetic action plans for long-term success.




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