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Physical Wellness - Helping you be the best you that you can be without drugs, surgery, or extreme measures.



Your physical body is the vessel that carries you through life - how are you treating it?  Having a healthy, fit, active lifestyle helps to balance out the other components of your life.  Surgery, drugs, and extreme measures are not necessary to have the physical wellness you desire.  At Galiji, we believe a strong, healthy body is vital to your overall wellness and want to help you.




  • Do you know how to listen to your body? 
  • Can you listen to the subtle body?
  • Have you activated your psoas and engaged your lats to add strength to all movement?  (Do you even know where or what those are?)
  • How hard do you push yourself?
  • Do you just need a little more motivation?
  • Do you know how to sculpt and tone and shape your body?
  • Do you know if your hormones are helping or hurting you?


Wellness Coaching and/or Personal Training with Galiji can help you have the body that you want. You can stop dreading exercise and just enjoy a happy, healthy, active life with the help of Galiji! Galiji Physical Wellness can help you to:

  • Feel great!
  • Be motivated to exercise
  • Lose weight
  • Tone your muscles
  • Sculpt your body
  • Run your first 5K or race
  • Have a buddy with which to exercise
  • Any other physical training things you can think of…

Nutritional Wellness - helping make sense of human fuel in the 21st century - food and drink.

Just like with your physical body, fueling your body is all about listening and subtleness.  We can help you to learn the skills to listen to and respect your body.


If you can learn to listen to your body, it will tell you exactly what it needs. You can stop living on a diet and just enjoy eating real, healthy food that is full of flavor and richness.  Working with Galiji on your nutritional wellness can help you:

  • Learn the basics of fueling your body properly (A.K.A., eating!)
  • Feel great!
  • Have more energy
  • Be motivated to eat better
  • Help you to lose weight
  • Lose the last 5, 10, or 15 pounds
  • Stop dieting forever
  • Stop bad habits (smoking, drinking, eating, etc.)
  • Sleep better
  • Enjoy eating


If Nutrition Coaching is not enough and medicinal nutrition is required, Galiji has a strong referral network of qualified doctors (MD, DC, DOM, or Ayruvedic) on ready to assist you. 




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