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Galiji is proud to offer “Off the Mat” Coaching specifically for yoga practitioners. "Off the Mat Coaching" targets audience is yogis wishing to bring the calm found on the mat into their crazy life off the mat. It is also applicable and relevant for anyone wishing to start a yoga or Ayurveda* journey, anyone that is seeking bliss in their life, or anyone with an open mind to applying ancient wisdom to today’s crazy world.


This coaching approach combines traditional life coaching, traditional wellness coaching, Yoga tradition, and Ayurveda traditions to help clients achieve their highest potential if life and wellness and reach Samadhi* (Bliss). Using the current coaching format with ancient Vedic* traditions and language, we help you to achieve your goals by partnering with you on your agenda and keeping you focused on your life, health, and well-being in balance.


The Yamas* and Niyamas* of Patanjali’s yoga serve as a good foundation for one’s life. Using this as a framework and your specific Ayurveda dosha* (both Prakriti* and Vikriti*), we work together on goal setting and achievement, overcoming obstacles, challenging you to take that extra step to finally allow success to happen, time management, confidence coaching, personal coaching, optimal health coaching, nutritional coaching, personal training, body image, perfection recovery (good enough!), etc.


*Note: If you do not even know what these words mean, but are willing to give it a try, Galiji will happily coach and educate on the ancient Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions. We will start where you are and may use the Sanskrit language or not, it’s up to you!



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The Eight Limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga

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