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What is coaching?

This 90 second video describes what is coaching according to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and what it means for Galiji.

What does a coach do?

This 2 minute video describes what a coach does & doesn't do.

What is the role of a coach?

This 2 minute video describes the role of a coach. 

What is the difference between coaching, counseling, mentoring, and training?

This 3 minute, 30 second video describes the difference between the varying types of helping relationships.

Is coaching right for you?

This 90 second video asks you a few questions to help determine if coaching is right for you.  

What types of coaching do you offer?

Learn about the 3 types of coaching services offered by Galiji in this 2 minute video. 

What is career coaching?

Career coaching can include many aspects from job searching through performance management.  This 5 minute video reviews the ways in which Galiji can support your career. 

What is life coaching?

Learn how life coaching can help support you in this 2 minute video.  

What is wellness coaching?

Wellness coaching is Galiji's speciality.  Learn more about this in a 3 minute video about what wellness coaching is with Galiji. 

What is a typical coaching session?

In this 4 minute video, learn about what happens during a typical coaching session, the first session, subsequent sessions, and between sessions. 

What to expect from my coach? (and what your coach expects of you?)

If you are searching for elegance and comfort our curated collection will satisfy even the most exigent needs.

What reasons do people work with a coach? 

This 2 minute video will share a few common reasons to work with a coach.  If you want to inquire about your specific situation, let us know. 

Learn more about Becky and Galiji

Learn more about the company Galiji, what it means, and its founder Becky Brown.  This 4 minute video will give the background of both Becky and the company. 

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