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What Does a Coach Do?

A Coach empowers a client to achieve their goal(s).  Coaches listen, ask probing and challenging questions and then work with you to create a plan to achieve your goals.  Coaches only skin in the game is helping you be successful. 


As my former Coach Barry Foster said to me... "Clarity leads to Confidence which leads to Courage to take Right Action." 

  • Together, we will work on creating Clarity around your choices, options, and opportunities 
  • With Clarity, your Coach will encourage you to have Confidence in yourself, your decisions, and you options
  • This new Confidence will empower you to have the Courage to own and take the Right Action that will achieve your goal(s)
  • All along the way, your coach will challenge you to put aside negative or self-defeating thoughts and behaviors to work towards a positive outcome

Your Galiji Coach will never tell you what to do.  We will never impose our agenda or desires on you.  Coaching clients always have full control.  Coaches simply help guide the way, offer suggestions and encouragement, challenge your negative patterns, thinking, and behavior, and help you along your journey of achieving your goals! 


Types of Coaching Galiji Offers

Wanting a life that is free from suffering, achieving your goals, and being happy with your life is not selfish, it is what you deserve!  Galiji offers highly informed, creative and educated ways to achieve your life, work, and health goals to improve your well-being and life. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced approach to help empower you to be the best you can be.


Holistic wellness coaching at a glance

At Galiji, we help you to achieve your goals and partner with you on your agenda and we do this remaining focused on keeping your life, health, and well-being in balance. We offer coaching in three basic areas, but we find that they often blend together with our Client.

  • Career Coaching: working with the question "what do I want to be when I grow up", job searching, resume writing, interviewing, computer skills, career transition, etc. From just about to finish education to executives, we help clients achieve their highest career potential.
  • Life Coaching: goal setting and achievement, overcoming obstacles, challenging you to take that extra step to finally allow success to happen, time management, confidence coaching, personal coaching
  • Wellness Coaching: optimal health coaching, nutritional coaching, personal training, weight loss/gain, yoga


Galiji can help you to improve your life by partnering with you to achieve your health, work, life goal.  You can find contentment and inner peace, and live a fantastic life by setting achievable, measurable goals for your body, your mind, and/or your spirit.  We want to help you be the truest and best you that you can be. 


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My Role as Your Coach

My role as a Coach is to:

  • Provide objective assessment and observations to enhance my Clients' self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Energize my Clients through sincere enthusiasm for your success
  • Foster the shifts in thinking to show a fresh perspectives, challenge negative thinking and stuck ideas, illuminate new possibilities, and support the creation of other opportunities/scenarios 
  • Encourage stretch and challenge appropriate for each Client's personal strengths and aspirations
  • Provide ideas to help create balance and wellness
  • Practice astute listening so I can fully understanding my Clients' circumstances
  • Act as a sounding board to support "possibility thinking", thoughtful planning and decision making
  • Maintain professional boundaries in our coaching relationship, to include confidentiality, and adherence to the ICF code of ethics


To read more about what Coaches do in general, visit the International Coaching Federation website at


How Coaching Differs From Counseling, Training, & Mentoring

Most people only think of coaches in terms of sports teams.  Below is a summary of what coaching, counseling, mentoring, and training involve.


goal oriented

Focuses on defining and achieving specific goals through overcoming obstacles, creativity, and positive reinforcement.  Coach works with Coachee to establish an individualized plan to achieve goals the Coachee's timeline. 


Past emotion oriented

Focuses on understanding what is wrong to be able to heal or recover.  Counselor will work with Counselee to get past issues and feelings.  Often thought of as "therapy". 


goal oriented

Focuses on achieving goals, but utilizing the methods and mechanisms of that have previously worked for the Mentor.  The Mentee will model the Mentor's behaviors and actions to achieve similar outcomes. 


Skill oriented

Focuses on educating a person about a subject.  The Trainer will utilize various learning mechanisms to teach Trainees how to perform a task or process. 

Galiji also offers Training services to help teach clients a particular skill. Personal training would be an excellent example in which the Trainer teaches a Trainee/Client how to safely perform an exercise. The Trainer offers encouragement and modifications to the learning based on the Trainees skills and needs.

Galiji offers Coaching services is to help you achieve your goals. Coaching offers a creative, interactive, safe environment with a timeline. It is focused on results and achievement.

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