Becky supports clients to think about their wellness in a new way - balanced, personalized, and holistic.  She blends the ancient wisdoms of Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation with current coaching, mindfulness, and counseling practices to help clients achieve their goals.  Becky is here to provide you with information, tools, resources and support to live a happier and healthier life.

For Individuals


Like the Ethers of space, our overall wellness is a vast  space in which we need to learn subtle awareness to achive optimal health and well-being.   


Ayurveda is an ancient health system that looks at the whole person to bring that which is out of balance back into balance.  Just as Fire transforms, let this practice transform your life.


Like the movement of the Air, yoga is a physical movement practice that can calm your mind, develop awareness of your body, and nourish your spirit.  


Become more peaceful and at ease like the Earth.  Learn practices that focus on the breath, meditation, concentration, and connecting with nature. 

Life Coach

Our life is fluid like Water and we can change.  Learn new skills and techniques to help you live to happier, healthier, and more balanced and fulfilled life.  


For Groups

Ayurveda Workshops

Learn about the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, individual constitution, mental states, and living in harmony with nature. 



Yoga    Workshops

Learn about yoga as it relates to a part your body such as back health, pelvic floor, arm balances, alignment, and more. 

Mindfulness Workshops

Learn about the various aspect of mindfulness, meditation, concentration, and control of the breath. 

Wellness Workshops

Learn about wellness topics like stress management, living in the season, work-life balance, time management and more. 

Becky loves to support others to be their best version of themselves!

Keeping our health, work, relationships, and future in balance can be tough job. Keeping in balance and being true to yourself might even seem impossible. It is possible and you do not have to find the balance alone. Listen to yourself, trust what you hear and feel, and when you need a little help, motivation, or direction, Becky is here for you.


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